Core Technology

Android Application Security Reinforcement

  • Anti-Reverse

    DEX and SO files are protected by DEX add-on and shelling, advanced obfuscation of SO files, and shelling, preventing them from being analyzed by reverse tools such as IDA.

  • Tamper-Proof

    Extract the file eigenvalues of each file in the application when reinforcing, and when the file is running, the system decrypts the encrypted file to extract the eigenvalue for file verification.

  • Anti-Debugging

    Multiple encryption technology to prevent code injection, JAVA layer / C layer dynamic debugging, code injection and HOOK attacks.

  • Data Leakage Prevention

    Use a variety of encryption algorithms, including international common algorithms and independently developed encryption algorithms to protect local data.

  • Page Data Protection

    Anti-hijacking of application, anti-screen capture of application, virtual keyboard SDK products and technologies, preventing interface hijacking plug-ins to monitor components in all directions.

  • Transmission Data Protection

    Data encryption SDKs are embedded at the client and server respectively to ensure that the data transmitted in the channel are highly encrypted.

iOS Application Security Reinforcement

  • Encryption of Code String

    Perform random encryption of string, dynamically decrypt at runtime, and rename them.

  • Encryption of Network Transmission Data

    Provide encryption for data transmission to effectively prevent data interception via network interface.

  • Diversification of Logic Instructions

    Randomly convert each logical instruction into equivalent combinations of multiple logical instructions to increase the difficulty for hacker analysis and effectively protect the algorithm.

  • Encryption of Mixed Program Structures

    logical structures of the application are mixed to minimize the readability of source code.

H5 Application Security Reinforcement

  • Confusion of Variable Names

    Perform meaningless confusion of the variable names in js code files.

  • Confusion of Codes

    Perform confusion of the codes in js code files, including shift of control flow, confusion of variable name and function name, etc.

  • Anti-Dynamic Debugging

    Detect the operating environment of JavaScript code and respond quickly and effectively by studying the working principle and the characteristics of the debugger.

  • Hiding of String

    Unicode characterization of the strings in js files to hide them, in order to reduce the readability of the code and increase the difficulty for reverse analysis personnel to interpret the code.

  • Indirect Reference of String

    Extract string from the js file and place in an array, at the beginning of the file, and the afterwards reference is indirect reference, so as to reduce code readability.

Main Functions

Android Application Security Reinforcement

Improve the Security of Application

Source code protection, SO library protection, DEX file protection, data encryption protection.

Ensure the Security of Application Service

Anti-piracy protection, anti-tampering, page anti-hijack technology, anti-screen capture technology, environment clearance, message anti-hijack.

Protect the Security of Application Data

Key white box technology, application communication link encryption, data local encryption technology, and secure keyboard.

Overall Optimization of Application

Increment of package size after encryption shall not exceed “±5%” of the original package, comprehensive compatibility and performance test.

iOS Application Security Reinforcement

Data Flow Protection

Randomly encrypt and rename a string, randomly convert each logical instruction into an equivalent combination of multiple logical instructions to increase the difficulty for hacker analysis and effectively protect the algorithm.

Control Flow Protection

The building block is randomly split into multiple building blocks to further complicate the control flow. Insert extra control flow and add extra jump instructions, increasing the difficulty of reverse tool analysis.

H5 Application Security Reinforcement

  • Platform Identification

    Identify the device used by the user to access H5 page and the page will not be displayed if it is not a mobile device, preventing crackers from viewing source code.
  • Confusion of js Code

    Optimize JavaScript codes to codes unable to be understood or operated by developers, to prevent illegal theft and modification.
  • Optimization of Code Efficiency

    Reduce the size of JavaScript files, improve operational efficiency, accelerate application loading and reduce bandwidth consumption.

Main Advantages

Android Application Security Reinforcement

  • The latest sixth-generation advanced dual VMP encryption technology.
  • Six kinds of encryption technologies meet the needs of different users and industries.
  • Increment of package size after encryption shall not exceed "±5%" of the original package.
  • Compatibility of up to 99%, enabling full compatibility with ART.
  • Flexible delivery, support local deployment or cloud deployment.
  • Enable the strongest encryption with white box key technology.
  • Mobile security technology solutions recognized by thousands of well-known industry customers.

iOS Application Security Reinforcement

  • Support all common processor platforms such as ARM / ARM64 / i386 / x86_64.
  • Xcode capable of seamless replacement comes with compiler, with perfect support for command line mode xcodebuild.
  • Ensure that the performance and stability of applications after encryption are not affected.
  • Distinguish key code and minor code according to customer needs, enabling different levels of confusion by introducing different parameters.
  • Various types of confusion, which can be used together and is very random.

H5 Application Security Reinforcement

  • Leading Product

    The only domestic product that enables reinforcement techs for HTML5 applications on mobile terminals, providing security for H5 applications.
  • Multi-layer Protection

    Provide developers with three different security strategies to enable protection for the platform, code and other aspects.
  • One-Click Protection

    Simple operation and one-click submission, eliminating the need for developer engagement, enabling automatic encryption of the whole process.
  • Compatibility

    After reinforcement, HTML5 webpage is compatible with major operating systems such as Android, iOS and WP.

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