Technical Principle

Clear technology is comprised of core virus database and detection engine. Client Scan Engine SDK can automatically perform the clearing operation by accessing the APK in case of terminal startup, network handoff, installation & uninstallation and core functions running, and the result of the clearing will be transferred to the user service layer over the interface specification and the user service layer will handle the terminal's environmental risks occurred during the clearing operation by writing a response policy by itself.

Main Functions

  • Killing Malicious Programs

    The SDK provides a variety of methods for scanning malicious programs, returns the corresponding list of malicious programs at the end of the killing and allows users to view the details of the corresponding malicious program based on needs.

  • Cloud-Based Blacklist & Whitelist

    The running of programs will enable cloud-based blacklist & whitelist test which can test a specified program, determine whether it is malicious or not and process it accordingly.

  • Real-Time Monitor

    The SDK features real-time environment monitor to monitor the installation, running, download, copy and other operations of malicious programs and provides alarm to the upper layer application.

  • Root Detection

    The SDK provides the capability to check whether the mobile phone has been Rooted.

  • Virus Database Upgrade

    The SDK provides automatic and manual virus database upgrade.

Main Advantages

  • Super Detection

    Not only provides super detection for known virus but also has extremely high heuristic detection for unknown samples, leaving malicious code nowhere to hide.

  • Refined Analysis

    Provide precise positioning and analysis of threatening objects based on the knowledge base system of the virus engine.

  • Local Engine

    The Clear SDK provides local detection, virus database pre-localization and superior detection capabilities without fear of the changes in the network environment.

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