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iJiami Mobile Application Artificial Penetration is a security detection service based on the complete lifecycle of mobile application data. From perspectives of hacker thinking and debugging, the service conducts static and dynamic artificial analysis on the program security, data security, service logic security, and system environment security from various aspects to get aware of the security risks in application installation and uninstallation, user data input, storage processing, network transmission and the system environment.

iJiami Mobile Application Artificial Penetration supports both Android and iOS. The report will provide detailed description of the penetration tools used in the analysis, penetration steps, positions of problematic codes, potential risks, and problem solutions.

Test References

  • "Technical Requirements of User Information Protection on Smart Mobile Terminal"
  • "YD/T 1438-2006 Function Requirements and Testing Methods for Application Level Software of Digital Mobile Station"
  • "YD/T 2307-2011 Technical Requirement and Testing Methods for General Function of Mobile Telecommunication Terminal"
  • "E-Banking Service Management Methods "
  • "China Financial Mobile Payment- Security Specification for Application"
  • "Guidelines for E-Banking Security Assessment"
  • "China Financial Mobile Payment - Technical Specification for Client Software"
  • "Outline for Security Assessment of Mobile Internet Application Software"

Main Functions

General detection

Conduct penetration evaluation on application basic information, such as general loopholes and sensitive behaviors.

Application Security Penetration Assessment

Conduct penetration evaluation on service security, component security, WebView security, release specifications, application management, and security enhancement.

Source Code Security Penetration Assessment

Conduct penetration evaluation on the program integrity and confidentiality.

Data Security Penetration Assessment

Conduct penetration evaluation on data entry,storage,transmission and output.


Conduct professional penetration analysis for application vulnerabilities and provide professional advices on vulnerability remediation based on the test result of each item.

Detection Module

Artificial penetration detection platform: Artificial testing project of Android platform,including 10 major projects and 47 test sub-items.

Application Security Assessment

Business Security Component Security WebView Security Release Specification Application Management

Code Security

Program Integrity Program Confidentiality

Data Security Assessment

Data Input Data Storage Data Transmission

Automatic penetration detection platform: iOS platform automatic detection project, including five major projects and 28 test sub-items.

iOS Application Detection System

Basic Information Test Sensitive Behavior Test Private API Test Third-party Library Test Application Vulnerability Test

iOS Application Artificial Detection

Basic Information Application Security Source Code Security Local File Security Data Security

Main Advantages

  • Reliable Testing Analysis

    More than 100 detection items and 20+ senior security experts, providing comprehensive and reliable security testing analysis.

  • Industry Validation

    Comply with the industry security standards, which are verified by hundreds of enterprises.

  • Tailor-made Test Services

    While covering all test items of basic inspection and in-depth inspection, taking into consideration some focuses to provide tailor-made test services.

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