Main Techs

  • Data Capture

    Channel monitoring data technology is based on the network-focused crawler technology, and will monitor, capture, filter the hot targets of domestic and foreign application providers, download sites and forums.

  • One-Click Analysis of Piracy

    Use cosine similarity to calculate the similarity among documents, and you can also calculate the similarity between words as well as the similarity between the query string and the document.

Main Functions

  • Channel monitoring and management

    One-stop monitoring of 600+ application channel and assist developers in managing application launch and promotions in various channels through big data processing functions.

  • Phishing and piracy identification

    Making use of application feature recognition technology to accurately compare the information of genuine and pirated application to identify phishing and piracy applications.

  • Risk analysis and report

    The analysis project covers all path files and codes of application, providing one-click report generation function to comprehensively record application piracy analysis data.

  • Early warning and infringement removal

    When pirated applications are detected, users are warned in time and piracy is monitored in real time via domestic and international application download channels. Once piracy is detected, pirated applications will be taken off the shelf.

Main Advantages

Accurately access 600 + application promotion channel information both at home and abroad.
One-stop monitoring of the information of all application-related channels, including version, channel, download source, downloads, etc.
Rapidly off-shelf of phishing and piracy applications, and ability to trace phishing and piracy applications and the proof getting capability.
Big data processing capabilities: to assist developers in managing the launch and promotions of application in various channels.

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