Technical Principle

The test case is mainly designed according to black box test, in which function chart and decision table driven method are adopted for the function module and the integrated test module.

Test Principles

  • Fairness: The test UC, test methods and test conditions of the original package and encrypted package are exactly the same.
  • Objectivity: Data of test results must be truthful and reliable to ensure the objectivity of data.
  • Universality: Equipment under test shall cover mainstream models and mainstream system versions.

Main Functions

iJiami divides the compatibility and performance testing services into basic testing and in-depth testing. The in-depth testing includes:

Models and systems used in compatibility testing

  • Brand machines of mainstream system, 600 models in total.

Compatibility test statistics

  • Test pass rate
  • Startup failure rate
  • Flashback
  • Unexpected Termination
  • Installation failure rate

Industry comparison performance

  • Installation time
  • Start-up time
  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization
  • FPS and other data

Ratings description

  • Fatal level
  • Serious level
  • Defect level
  • Flaw level

Use case process

  • Use case process description

Test details

  • Basic model information
  • Problem information
  • Performance information

Main Advantages

Models under test shall cover major brands at home and abroad, covering Android2.2-Android8.0 operating system, x86, arm, arm-v7CPU architecture, Dalvik and ART virtual machine.
Test script covers the core page and functions of the application. The report contains the operation steps, screenshots,logs,performance indicators and other information corresponding to each test step.
Fully automatic execution of script at cloud to ensure speedy output, full support for mobile applications, mobile games, H5 website, WeChat and other compatibility test, artificial review to ensure accurate results without omission.
Experienced performance testing experts precisely analyze performance bottlenecks based on industry needs and product features to provide optimization tips.

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